Looking ahead to FEBRUARY, 2019

Patterning Techniques: Make a Sewing Pattern from a Favorite Garment

North House Folk School

Grand Marais, MN

2 Days -Saturday February 16 - Sunday February 17, 2019 (During Northern Fiber Retreat at North House Folk School)

Taking a pattern from an existing garment is a great way to envision the process of patternmaking, because you have a three dimensional finished garment in front of you. Your task then is to figure out and record what the flat shapes are that make the garment shape. The project might involve some draping, some flat-pattern techniques, and some drafting, all which will be demonstrated first. Then, after recording the pattern shapes, the class will be learning marking techniques that turn a completed paper pattern into a visual means of communicating sewing instructions. In the past, I have taught draping, flat pattern, and drafting patterning methods in semester-long university courses, where the approach is to make many samples and a few finished patterns. In this class we will have two full days of patterning, focusing on individual projects. The format will be like a patterning seminar – we will make it a great cooperative learning environment. I would like to email or talk with each student after you register, so that I have an idea of what kind of garment you will bring.

You can see the listing for this class and get registration information from the North House Folk School web site.

If you have any questions about getting ready to join the class, feel free to get in touch with me.  


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